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We bring you many way that you can Advertise with us. We will work with your budget to bring you the best results.  With our plans we can mix and match from any way to advertise your Company, Business or Events
Way to Advertise
Digital Magazine Ads.

60% More subscribers to magazine has switch to using digital magazine. The pros of advertising on a digital magazine is that the cost is low and the results are high. 
Social Media

Social networks have become a crucial part of many of us. We don’t even notice this but as soon as we open our desktops or laptops to access the web, we sub-consciously open our favorite social network just to see about the updates received. Businesses have noticed the value of social networks in our life, and they are using different techniques to promote their products. 
Web Commercials 

In this world today visual is very important so having a Commercials you can get the attention of the viewers faster. It can be place on our web shows, website or Social Media. If you do not have a Commercials please ask about how we can help you make one. 
 * Sponsorship  
With Sponsorship with us you get all recognition and exposure at every opportunity.
As an Laloma Inc sponsor you will be recognized for an entire year. As one of our sponsors, 
your company along with a link to your web site will be listed on the Laloma Inc Production Page such as The LDM Show. Our sponsors will receive great exposure and will be highlighted around every corner. From our web site to expos and advertisements, Social Media your company will be present.

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