Laloma Inc is now in the Media field and has three (3) web media show that can help with reaching out to clients. 

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Teens Views
The LDM Show
XY 101
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The LDM Show - Laloma Digital Magazine show cover local events, Stories, Sports, Community affairs and more. 

The LDM Show also bring you topics such as, 

​Behind the Mic, Guy Talk, Girl Talk, Battle of the Sexes, Movie Time, Celebrity Gossip, & More 

WTF: This part of the show is a Political part where speak about the questionable things that people do. The hosts of the show will bring you story that you will say WTF (What the F?)
Teens View is an Internet Talk Show that is hosted by Teens. You get opinions from the eyes of a Teen, Female and also an adult with guest stars and more. 

We hope to reach teens and show them that they are not alone in this world and show that no matter what teen voices does matter. As the future we hope to show Teens that we hear them. 
XY 101 is our 2nd Podcast show that air on The LDM Radio Station
This podcast bring you people all around the city to speak about different subject. This is an adult conversion show that does not hold back. New episode every Monday at 10pm
Code Court
Code Court is a funny show that is base on people breaking life Codes such as Bro Code, BFF Codes and more. Come watch it on Youtube every Monday. 
Speak Out  
Is one of our 1st Podcast on the LDM Radio Station.                 
The Host speak is not your regular type of talk show . The host will take you into the life of both side of the stories. 

The host will not hold nothing back when it come to the truth and also to help people see that there are two sides. 
New Episode every Friday 6pm
Will's Reviews
Before you go out to waste money or time. 
Come get the reviews of Movies, Sports, News, Music, TV Show and more. 

Now you don't have to waste your time or money again.